Subversion hates disorder. It is itself righteous order as opposed to reactionary order.


       Knowledge knocks against the cold scope of ignorance, like

 sunbeams on the mirroring sea, dumbfounded by its depth.

Edmond Jabés, The Little Book of Unsuspected Subversions.

Trans. Rosemarie Weldop. Stanford University Press, 1996, p.16.


Atef Abu Saif, The Drone Eats with Me.

A Gaza Diary.  (2014)

Read by Jane McArthur,

Corsock, 16 April 2020.


Head in the Clouds – BBC 3 radio essays, 2009

Read by Mark Dorrian, Esther Leslie, Steve Connor, Robert Harbison.


"Introduction to Silence" (2020)

Read by Mark Dorrian,

East Linton, 26 April 2020.

Michel Serres, Variations on the Body

Read by Felix Green

Edinburgh, 28 April 2020



Felix Green



Some Poems and a Lyrical Essay

Read by Fiona Hanley,

Armchair, Marchmont, 24 April 2020.

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